Local Rules

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Rule 1 Sessions of Court
Rule 2 Conduct in the Court
Rule 3 Fee Schedule for Appointed Counsel
Rule 4 Juvenile Traffic Procedure
Rule 5 Bonds/Recognizances
Rule 6 Procedures - Juveniles
Rule 7 Procedures - Adults
Rule 7A Probation Department - Personnel
Rule 7B Probation Department - Operation
Rule 8 Records, Assignments and Hearings
Rule 9 Court Staff
Rule 10 Order of Reference
Rule 11 Reasonable Visitation
Rule 12 Electronic Transmission Filings
Rule 13 Magistrates
Rule 14 Video Conferencing
Rule 15 Case Management and Pre-Trial Procedure for Civil Actions
Rule 16 Jury Management Plan
Rule 17 Miscellaneous
Rule 18 Electronic Statistical Reporting
Rule 19 Use of Restraints
Rule 20 Electronic Return Receipt
Rule 21 Technology Plan
Rule 22 Remote Appearances
Rule 23 Electronic Signatures
Appendix A Electronic Cover Page
Appendix B Electronic Filing of Court Documents
Appendix C Application to Appear by Telephone or Video Conference